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A mountain bike company focused on fun and and pushing your limits. Whether that was playing on the steep, tight and technical trails in the local Jura Mountains, hitting the jumps at the nearby Chaumont bike park or exploring epic singletrack in the Swiss Alps, these are our stories.

New Zealand: Bikepacking Bliss

Bike packing through New Zealand is worth taking your time over, as friend of SCOR, Nick Weighall, found out.

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Finding Home Abroad

Shirley Klauer moved to Italy, unable to resist the landscape and relaxed way of life. But, presented with various challenges, things weren’t easy. Through riding she found solace, friendship and a realization that home can be anywhere you choose.

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Himalayan Highs

With breathtaking high-altitude trails, awe-inspiring landscapes and a rich cultural tapestry, Nepal offers an almost unparalleled opportunity for adventure-loving mountain bikers. SCOR athlete Juliette Willmann visited the Mustang Valley in the heart of the Himalayas and took us along for the ride.

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Escape to Elba: Kasi's Winter Retreat

For riders looking to escape the winter cold, Elba is the perfect getaway. For SCOR team rider Kasi, the Italian island is practically a second home, so when he felt in need of a bit of winter warmth and a slice of the dolce vita (good life) there was only one place to go…

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Hut Hunters – The Oberengadin Hut Tour

SCOR’s Marketing Coordinator and all-round mountain lover, Dominique Müller, is always in search of adventure. So, together with two friends, she devised a plan that would see them spending as much time as possible in some of the nicest places imaginable.

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Go Big. Roll Home. Enzo Cavard's Home Trails

Enzo Cavard and his friends bring style, laughs – and a video camera or two – to their local trails to show why the corner of southern France they call home is MTB paradise.

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A Chilean Odyssey

This Odyssey takes us on a tour through Chile’s Andean volcanos. Between Josh “Loosedog” Lewis, Ludo May and Kasi Schmidt on bikes, and the slim potential of volcanic activity, the episodes are sure to entertain and delight.

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Amplify Your Ride

From hauling trail building tools to zipping through alpine trails on their daily commute or cranking up the power for endless fun-filled laps, our riders make the most of their e-bikes.

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Never Stop Riding

Winter cannot stop us! No matter the season or the terrain, we are here to make the most of every moment. That’s why we went up a snowy mountain and raced back down. The result? Breathtaking!

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At Home with Kasi

Freiburg native Kasi Schmidt takes us on a tour of his hometown trails. Four days, three riders, two countries, and as many trails as possible.

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A Canadian Odyssey

The Collective visits the land of maple syrup to hit out-there trails in hidden places and share grisly rides with grizzly bears.

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