Suspension Explained

Suspension explanations can be complicated, so let’s keep things simple. To build the bikes we wanted to ride we had to design our own suspension system. This would give us total control over how the bike felt and put the ride characteristics we want right at the heart of the frame.

Highly-tunable Design

Our lower-link activated suspension design uses an instant center of rotation, also known as a virtual pivot point, which dictates the path of the rear wheel’s axle throughout the suspension’s travel. This system is highly-tunable and adaptable, so we can use it on everything from long travel e-bikes like the 4060 Z to short traveltrail bikes, like the 2030.

Always Active

Our suspension system is active, whether you are pedaling or not. With plenty of support around the sag point, pedaling is efficient and the bike feels like it has instant drive. As you go deeper into the travel the level of anti-squat reduces, making the suspension super-active without any harsh feedback through the pedals.

The best suspension in the world counts for nothing if it disappears when you touch the brakes. By using low levels of anti-rise our suspension stays active and high in its travel, carrying on finding grip and isolating you from bumps as you brake – allowing you to ride faster and stay fresher.

Air and Coil Compatible

Some of us like to run air shocks and others coil shocks. So, we designed our bikes to work with both. By adding progressivity into the suspension design we counterbalance the linearity of a coil spring, providing great sensitivity early on in the travel and plenty of bottom-out resistance at the end.

Low Center of Gravity

A low center of gravity helps with control and stability, so we packaged the suspension linkages and components as far down within the frame as possible. With the suspension mounted down low and out of the way we can keep the seat tube and toptube low and still have room for a water bottle.


Your bike should never be the reason you can’t go for a ride, so reliability and durability are hugely important to us. We spec high-quality bearings that require minimal maintenance and are easily sourced from bearing suppliers when the time comes to replace them. The rear of the shock is protected by a mudguard to keep the crud at bay.